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Monday, September 13, 2010

The Beginning.

I decided to join the biggest looser club online which I had done a bit of in the past. I only signed up for 3 months given my previous track record with sticking to these things. (It's now been 7 months and has well and truly become my lifestyle!!) I remember joking with my friend about donating our money to them 'this time'. :-)

The program they gave me online was to walk for 30 min three times a week. Sounds easy huh... BAhahahaha!!! I started in Feb at 107kg (did get up to 111kg but lost a few along the way) and I thought I was going to DIE walking 30 min! I walked to one of those red post boxes - 15 min there, 15 min back. It was a warmish day but I was loosing liquid FAST - the sweat was pouring off me!! My legs hurt, I was gasping for air like I had just run a 42 km marathon, the sun was hot, I swear even my eyes hurt!! BUT I kept going out every day. The website kept increasing the exercise until I was eventually walking 1 hour for 6 days a week. I no longer thought I was going to die and was into a good habit of planning meals and cooking healthy.

After a couple of months of doing this I started thinking I needed to do something more than walking. I had heard people talking about the C25K program where you learn to run. Apparently ANYONE could do it - it was fool proof!! HA! So, I downloaded it and went to the running track (cause running where cars could see was beyond me) and tried to run. I actually made myself sick I pushed myself so hard - as in nauseous, headache, sore throat from gasping in the air - took me an hour to feel ok again. And guess what - I could NOT do it!! I think I got through the first 3 intervals of 60 sec running before giving up. So much for the body doing what the mind tells it to (Commando)... yeah right - if I want to have a heart attack!!

So I started thinking about joining the gym. I got a free pass for both curves and Fernwood for a week each, went and checked out a few others... and decided that Fernwood was GREAT!! No guys checking you out and laughing at your attempts in their weights section, nice clean bathrooms, FRIENDLY staff, and little stuff which makes it extra nice - facewashers for your hot sweaty face, toiletries, fresh fruit etc... BEST thing I ever did!! And no - I am not getting paid any advertising discounts!! HUH! I wish! (I actually asked today because so many people ask me what I do to loose weight - I FEEL like a walking advertisment - But I got a big fat NO answer!!)

They offer different packages; ie food coaching, personal training, or basic use of everything.. I started out with the basic the upgraded to the one with the personal training. This also has to be up with the BEST thing too (Love my PT!!)... So much more motivating... but that is the topic of the next blog.. MOTIVATION.

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